All-in-one Software Platform for Cloud Connectivity, Cloud Migration and Backup of Enterprise applications to Hybrid/Multiple Cloud services.


Mohan Kumar

Founder, CEO

Mohan Kumar has several years experience covering product development and consulting services in the Networking field. His current work includes development and consulting services with respect to SDN, DevOps for Private and Public Cloud solutions. Mohan holds a CCIE certification in Routing and Switching and his past work experience includes technical leadership roles in IBM, Juniper Networks, VicTrack and NEC in Melbourne, Australia.


Dale Robinson

Business Development Manager

Dale Robinson has been working in Information Technology for the last 20 years in Government agencies and for Telstra, Australia. Dale has a Major in Software engineering, and is specialised in remote projects in telecommunications where he has been selling satellite solutions for a number of years.
Dale is specialiised in selling and System Integration of niche solutions to Mining and Agricultural industry.

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