Enterprises utilizing Cloud services overspend on various Cloud services, due to lack of visibility on the costs of the services subscribed and due to the complexities of the services deployed. SoftnetX offers several cost optimization methods that will help Enterprises to keep Cloud expenses under control and also understand where money is being wasted. This can result in substantial saving for the enterprises on their Cloud spend.

Softnetx offers the following Best Practices for Cost Optimization and Management of the Customers Cloud spend

Best Practises

  • Automated Scripting for migration of data to various AWS Storage Tiers

  • Automated Power Management to make efficient use of Cloud resources

  • The high compression rate of data on S3 Storage

  • Additional Caching mechanisms to prevent unnecessary use of Cloud Resources as well as WAN bandwidth for Data Backup/Restore

Detailed Dashboard and integration to Analytics systems for Report Management, Billing are currently being built and information will be updated for Cost Optimization and Management