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Enterprises utilizing Cloud services overspend on various Cloud services, due to lack of visibility on the costs of the services subscribed and due to the complexities of the services deployed. SoftnetX offers several cost optimization methods that will help Enterprises to keep Cloud expenses under control and also understand where money is being wasted. This can result in substantial saving for the enterprises on their Cloud spend.

Customised Cost Optimization

  • Customised Dashboard for cost analytics that provides role-based access and real-time cost analyses for Cloud consumer.
  • Automated task execution that allows cloud consumers to effortlessly reduce waste by removing unused resources or optimizing resource usage to avail discounts or lower prices.
  • Ability to collaborate and share feedback to chart progress on attaining cost-saving goals.
  • Consistent enforcement of a policy that alerts cloud consumers of violations or waste of enterprise policies and automatic execution of steps to resolve the issue.
  • Chargeback and show back reporting to enable the organization to assign costs to correct groups.
  • Additional mechanisms/processes to prevent unnecessary use of Cloud Resources.