AWS S3 Backup With SoftnetX

Softnetx Integrated backup solution leverages AWS S3 Object Storage to provide High Speed Streaming backup of Databases, Files and Virtual Machines, while substantially reducing backup expenses

AWS S3 Backup Solution Overview


Efficient Distribution To Azure

  • Single software pipeline for distribution and backup of applications to Azure storage.
  • SoftnetX gateway makes use of smart mechanisms to implement rules based on both local as well as Cloud resources/constraints to efficiently distribute and store data on Azure Cloud

Cost Optimization

  • Automated Scripting for migration of data to various AWS Storage Tiers
  • Automated Power Management to make efficient use of Cloud resources
  • High compression rate of data on AWS Storage.


  • End-to-End Application security via TLS
  • IPsec encryption
  • Performance authorization via access control lists (ACLs)

“By 2020, 60% of large enterprises will use a modern backup solution to Cloud services, up from less than 10% today.”

Gartner, November 2017.