About SoftnetX

All-in-one Software Platform for Cloud Connectivity, Cloud Migration and Backup of Enterprise applications to Hybrid/Multiple Cloud services.

SoftnetX is an innovative product company
co-headquartered in USA and Australia.


We have a strong and talented team of
individuals, who are focussed in the
development of Cloud based products and
solutions for Cloud Migration.


  • Products/Solutions for Enterprise Cloud Migration
  • Products/Solutions for Multi-Cloud Provisioning
  • Products/Solutions for Application connectors provisioning
  • Technology Assessment and future roadmapping for Cloud enablement, Migration and DR.
  • Cloud Architecture assessment and planning Cloud Networking, Storage, Security and Compliance.
  • DevOps, Release Engineering and Automation of Multi-Cloud resources provisioning using our patent-pending tools.
  • Customised Cloud Cost Management solutions.

Cloud Agnostic