“All-In-One” Smart Cloud Gateway

SoftnetX Cloud Gateway offers an “All-in-one” Software platform for Cloud Connectivity, Cloud Selection, Cloud Distribution and Efficient distribution of Enterprise applications to Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Storage services. The Gateway solution is integrated with high-performance Cloud Networking and Security products

Simplified & Efficient Multi-cloud Adoption

SoftnetX Pillars

SoftnetX Cloud Gateway offers an “All-in-one” Software the solution for Efficient Selection, Cost comparison and distribution of data to Hybrid or Multi-Cloud along-with integration of high-performance Cloud networking and Security products


  • Backup as a Service

  • Distribution as a Service

  • Migration as a Service

  • Security as a Service


  • Cloud Connectors

  • High Performance Network/Software Integration


  • Professional Services for Multi-Cloud solutions

  • DevOps, scripting and Automation

  • Machine Learning and NLP

  • IoT